St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church—LCMS
40291 NE 40th Ave., Preston, Kansas 67583
Website: www.stpaulpreston.org              
Telephone: (620) 672-5354
Email: splcms@sctelcom.net (Office)        mslcms@sctelcom.net (Pastor)
Rev. Michael Schotte, Pastor
ORDER OF WORSHIP:  LSB — Divine Service III, pgs. 184ff
HYMNS: 905  - 655  - 761
SERMON: What Are the Prophets Saying?                                 
TEXT: Jeremiah 23:16-29
Lord Jesus Christ, give to Your church faithful pastors who will study, learn, and faithfully proclaim Your Word in its truth and purity. Call and gather those who yet dwell in the darkness of sin and death into Your kingdom through repentance, forgiveness, and life that you have purchased and won for them through Your death and resurrection. As we are gathered here, open our ears to hear, our minds to understand, and our hearts to treasure Your Word which brings joy and light for the living of our days and even into eternal life. Amen
“In Your steadfast love give me life, that I may 
keep the testimonies of Your mouth: (Psalm 119:88).
▪   Thanks be to God for every gift of daily bread.
▪   For strength and peace from the Lord for Kc Jorns, LuAnn Hullman, Dorothy Parry (Carol Gordon and Coleen Sallee’s mother), and all for whom we pray; thanks to the Lord for safe and successful medical care for Geneva Briggeman last week.
▪   For the peace of Jesus Christ upon the family of Bill Briggeman since the time of his death last Monday.
▪   For pastors who have begun, or soon will begin, serving the congregations assigned to them after the completion of their seminary training, that the Lord’s Word will guide them in preaching Jesus Christ and administering His Sacraments for the eternal benefit of His church; that vicars, including David Schotte, who continue their training will gain valuable experience and growth in God’s Word as they are preparing for the pastoral ministry.
▪   For the peace of Jesus Christ to be with the people of St. Paul who are unable regularly to be in this house for worship, including: Geneva Briggeman, Evelyn Dye, Myron Falk, Charles Fritzemeier, Mary Lou Hearn, Richard Huckriede, LuAnn Hullman, Edwin Lenkner, Elwood and Nola McGuire, Virginia McGuire, Ellen Parrish, JoAnn Pearce, Virginia Schneider, Bonnie Seidel, Edna Bell Studer, Velma Trinkle, Lester Voshell, Jr., Sandy Voshell, and Jim, Ruth, and Jeff Wiltshire.
IF YOU HAVE EVER WONDERED  about  seeming contradictions  in  the Bible, please read Your copy of the August issue of The Lutheran Witness today.
CONGRATULATIONS TO Rob Barnes and Leann McNerny as they will be married this Saturday, August 20th in a private family ceremony at St. Paul. We pray for God’s blessing upon their home and marriage as they become husband and wife. A public celebration is being planned for a later date.
SUNDAY SCHOOL AND BIBLE CLASS OFFERINGS for the current quarter of July – September 2022 are designated for KansaSEED. This program is at work in the Kansas District LCMS to Support, Encourage, and Expand Deaf Ministry in efforts to plant the seed of God’s Word in the deaf community. There are more than 3 million deaf and 28 million hard-of-hearing people in the United States. In Kansas, there are approximately 9,100 profoundly deaf and 108,000 hard-of-hearing people. About 95 percent of deaf people are not churched, which makes this population a vast mission field. Some experts say American Sign Language has become the fourth most common language in the United States. Let’s help with our prayers and support.
A REMINDER FROM PASTOR . . .  It is very helpful to me to be informed of pastoral care visits that need to be made to the people of St. Paul, about which I might be unaware. Please tell me. It is my duty, responsibility, and privilege to bring God’s Word of grace in time of need. Thank you. 
STEWARDSHIP SENTENCES based on Luke 12:51 . . . “Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.” Jesus has come to divide us out of the world – to carve out a people for Himself, redeemed by His Blood and trusting His Word. The world hates this Word, but for us it is life and salvation. We seek to follow Jesus' Word in all things because we know Him who gave us the Word: we know He always seeks to bless us.
GO TO www.lcrlfreedom.org today, and sign up for its regular emails called News from the Center. The Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty serves on behalf of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in Washington D.C. to provide “input, education, advice, advocacy, and resources in the areas of life, marriage and religious liberty.” 
HEAD USHER: Gary McGuire                                         ALTAR COMMITTEE:  Donna Tritsch 
USHERS:                                                                                                              Marianne McGuire                                                                                                                                                                                                              Samantha Dutton
TODAY - 8:00 am – The Lutheran Hour, KGNO (Dodge City, 1370 AM)
                8:00 am – The Lutheran Hour, KCVW (Wichita, Hutch., 94.3
                8:25 am – The Lutheran Hour, KMMM (Pratt, 1290 AM)                                         
                8:30 am – The Lutheran Hour, KWBW (Hutchinson, 1450 AM)
              10:00 am – St. Paul Radio Broadcast, KMMM (Pratt, 1290 AM)
                6:00 pm – The Lutheran Hour, KREJ (88.1FM)
MONDAY -  8:00 - 11:00 am – Secretary’s Office Hours
TUESDAY - 5:00 - 6:30 pm – Bread of Life Community Kitchen open – Pratt
WEDNESDAY -  8:00 - 11:00 am – Secretary’s Office Hours 
THURSDAY - 6:30 pm - Bible Study
FRIDAY  -  8:00 - 11:00 am - Secretary’s Office Hours                         
SUNDAY - 9:00 am - Sunday School and Bible Class
                10:00 am - Divine Service with Holy Communion
THE LUTHERAN HOUR – “Everything Is So Expensive” (Luke 12:15) Everything is so expensive-but do we really need everything?  Guest Speaker:  Dr. Oswald Hoffman.
VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – Sign up children now for a day of Vacation Bible School on Sunday, August 28th. At 2:00 pm we will climb the Tree of Life to learn about Adam and Eve and God’s plan of salvation through Jesus. From there, we will branch out for games, snacks, crafts and song. The day will conclude with St. Paul’s church picnic and water fun. Invite friends and neighbors to join in the adventure!
MORE ABOUT VBS – meet after the service today if you can help in any way. Terri Liggett has lessons and materials to distribute. The congregation is asked to donate fruit, cheese and snack sticks for the children. Thank you for your help and donations!
ST. PAUL PICNIC AND CAR SHOW - Sunday evening, August 28th, is the date for the church picnic.  The congregation is asked to provide covered dishes to accompany grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.  Plan to gather around 5:00.  Bring a lawn chair to visit and if inclined, old clothes and an inner tube to join the children’s water activities!  Regarding the car show, clean up your favorite old car, new car or anything with wheels and bring it along too for display on the church lawn. Friends are always welcome to this time together as church family.
About the Cover: The baptism that Christ speaks of is that of the cross, where judgment against us rained down upon Him.  Jesus took the judgment for all the world’s sin upon Himself ‒ the whole baptism of fire in our place.  By a different Baptism ‒ ours into Christ’s death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins and life eternal ‒ Christ now showers blessing upon blessing on us.