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Rev. Michael Schotte, Pastor
FIRST SUNDAY IN LENT        February 18, 2024
ORDER OF WORSHIP:  LSB – Divine Service, Setting III, pgs. 184ff
HYMNS:   424  - 656 - (609  - 752)  - 666
SERMON: Consider The Sacrifice                           
Text: Today’s Appointed Scripture Readings
 O Jesus Christ, my Lord, 
So meek in deed and word, 
Thou once didst die to save us 
Because Thy love would have us 
Be heirs of heavenly gladness 
When ends this life of sadness. 
(The Lutheran Hymnal, #526, st. 4)
 “Remember Your mercy, O Lord, and Your steadfast love, 
for they have been from of old” (Psalm 25:6).

▪   Thanks be to God for His care for His creation and for His provision of daily bread. 
▪   We pray for recovery and strength from the Lord Jesus after surgery last week for Gary McGuire, for Judy Park after recent surgery, and for strength and healing for Charles Fritzemeier and Elda Joyner. 
▪   We pray that the Lord will raise up men to study and prepare and serve in the pastoral ministry of the church. 
▪   We pray for God’s continued blessing and faithfulness to His Word for the Recognized Service Organizations of the LCMS as they support the church’s work of proclaiming Jesus Christ around the world. 
▪   We pray for God’s protection and guidance for all who serve as emergency workers and responders and for all whose work leads them into danger. 
CORRECTION FOR LENT SCHEDULE . . . After reviewing the schedule from last year for our Wednesday evening Lenten worship, please notice the following change to what was announced in the last two Sunday’s bulletins:  All services on Wednesday evening will begin at 7:00 p.m. The Midweek School will still meet for classes at 6:30. I apologize for any confusion this has caused.                                                         -–Pastor Schotte—
THIS MORNING IN THE DIVINE SERVICE we celebrate the Sacrament of the Altar in which the Lord gives to us the gifts of His body and blood for our forgiveness, life, and salvation. With deep love for God’s Word and respect for fellowship of faith in confessing His Word, we practice closed communion. Visitors to our congregation today who desire to receive the Lord’s Supper should speak with the pastor before the service. To those joining in Holy Communion from a congregation of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, please fill out an attendance card that we may inform your congregation of your communion with us. For those desiring to receive the blood of Christ from the chalice, Pastor will provide this after the elder has distributed the cups.
BE GRACIOUS TO ME is the theme for this year’s Wednesday evening Lenten Worship. The theme is based upon verses from Psalm 41. The titles for the weekly messages are as follows: 
•   Midweek Lent 1 – Sustained in Sickness (Ps. 41:3) 
•   Midweek Lent 2 – I Have Sinned – (Ps. 41:4) 
•   Midweek Lent 3 – Soon and Never (Ps. 41:5) 
•   Midweek Lent 4 – Empty Words (Ps. 41:6) 
•   Midweek Lent 5 – Vindication (Psalm 41:7-8) 
MANY THANKS for the Valentine dinner last Sunday.  The Youth Group lovingly appreciates the food preparers, food providers, those who cleaned up, those who carried meals to those in their homes, and those who gathered in the basement as family to eat  and sing and pray together.  God’s gifts and mercy are never ending, and for this we thank and praise Him always.
THE KANTOREI of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne (CTSFW), a men’s choir of pastoral ministry students under the direction of Kantor Kevin Hildebrand, will be touring Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas in March.  The Kantorei will sing within a service of Evening Prayer.  This reflective liturgy includes psalms, Scripture readings, and prayers.  The choir provides sung responses to the readings, and the congregation also sings several hymns and canticles.  The one concert in Kansas will be at 6:00 p.m. at First Lutheran Church, 401 E. Piankishaw Street, Paola, Kansas, www.firstlutheran-paola.org, (913)294-3476.  The following is a link to the most recent albums of Kantorei: https://ctsfw.regfox.com/kantorei-lenten-tour-2024.
THE ANNIVERSARY COOKBOOK...The 125th Anniversary Cookbook Committee met and created a form to simplify online recipe submissions. If you would like the link for the form texted or emailed to you, please text Samantha Houtwed at 620-243-2450. Alternately if you would prefer to email your recipe to the committee, please send it to: stpaulprestonrecipes@gmail.com. We also continue to welcome your recipes in the Anniversary Recipes box on top of the church mailboxes. We will continue to receive recipes until March 3rd. We appreciate your submissions!
HEAD USHER: Gary McGuire                                                          
ELDERS:  Derek Liggett, Shan Hullman, Lee Van Slyke                                                   
TODAY - 8:00 am - The Lutheran Hour, KGNO (Dodge City, 1370 AM)
               8:00 am - The Lutheran Hour, KCVW (Wichita, Hutch., 94.3 FM)
               8:25 am - The Lutheran Hour, KMMM (Pratt, 1290 AM)
               8:30 am - The Lutheran Hour, KWBW (Hutchinson, 1450 AM)
              10:00 am - St. Paul Radio Broadcast, KMMM (Pratt, 1290 AM)
               6:00 pm - The Lutheran Hour, KREJ (88.1 FM)
MONDAY - 8:00 - 11:00 am - Secretary’s Office Hours
TUESDAY -  9 am - 2 pm - Quilting for Orphan Grain Train 
WEDNESDAY - 8:00 - 11:00 am - Secretary’s Office Hour
                          6:30 pm - Midweek
                         7:00 pm - Lenten Worship                                   
THURSDAY -  6:30 pm - Bible Study
 FRIDAY - 8:00 - 11:00 am - Secretary’s Office Hours                   
 SUNDAY - 9:00 am - Combined Sunday School Breakfast
                 10:00 am - Worship 
THE LUTHERAN HOUR - “Redeeming DIY” (Mark 1:12-13) Dr. Michael Zeigler talks about spiritual growth in the season of Lent and dying to self in a “do-it-yourself” world.
HAM DINNER . . . This annual event is hosted by St. John Lutheran Church of Nashville today from 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m. A free will offering will be received. 
WELCOME TO BREAKFAST next Sunday, February 28th.  This will be held during our 9:00 am Sunday School Hour.  Everyone is welcome!
STEWARDSHIP SENTENCES based on Mark 1:13 – “And he was with the wild animals, and the angels were ministering to him.” God the Father cares for Jesus even in the midst of His temptation in the wilderness. God cares for us in every situation as well. Jesus realized this and always acted from the basis of trust in God the Father’s provision. This is likewise the basis for our life lived in Christ: God cares for us, so we need not act out of fear or greed.
About the Cover: Immediately after Jesus passed through the waters of His Baptism, the Spirit sent Him out into the wilderness, where He was tempted. Jesus lived Israel’s passage through the Red Sea and their temptation in the desert with one crucial difference. Jesus did not stumble, grumble, or crumble under the turmoil of temptation.  Because He is faithful - all the way to the cross - the same Spirit helps us in our weaknesses and times of temptation to rely on Jesus alone.
EPISTLE - James 1:12-18
HOLY GOSPEL - Mark 1:9-15