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ORDER OF WORSHIP: LSB, Divine Service Setting III, pgs. 184ff
HYMNS: 905 - 655 - (620 - 748 - 664) - 924
SERMON: Now God’s Word Is Accomplished
TEXT: Luke 12:49-53

O mighty Rock, O Source of life,
Let Your dear Word, in doubt and strife,
In us be strongly burning
That we be faithful unto death
And live in love and holy faith,
From You true wisdom learning.
Your grace and peace
On us shower;
By Your power
Christ confessing,
Let us see our Savior’s blessing
(Lutheran Service Book, #913, stanza 3)

“In Your steadfast love give me life, that I may keep the testimonies of Your mouth” (Psalm 119:88).
P For wisdom to use words and deeds that give thanks to our Father for His daily gifts.
P For strength from the Lord’s healing hand for Lois Hope, Dorothea Williams, Evelyn Dye, and family,
friends and neighbors who suffer illness or injury.
P For missionaries of Christ’s church as they proclaim God’s Word in its truth and purity, especially Rev.
Ryan and Emily McDermott and family, Rev. Tim and Beth Heiney, and Rev. Jacob Gaugert.
P For safety in our schools and for the teaching and learning of God-pleasing, useful, and beneficial
knowledge for the well-being of society and the support of our service to our neighbor.

WELCOME TO ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH to Ashley Jorns and Robert Barnes. After a course
in the study of the chief parts of Christian Doctrine, drawn from Holy Scripture and taught from Luther’s
Small Catechism, we are thankful to receive Ashley and Robert into the communicant membership of this
congregation today. We are glad they will join us at the Lord’s Table. We give thanks to the Lord that he
sustains and strengthens our fellowship in Christ Jesus.

THIS MORNING IN THE DIVINE SERVICE we celebrate the Sacrament of the Altar in
which the Lord gives the gifts to us of His body and blood for our forgiveness, life, and
salvation. With deep love for God’s Word and respect for the fellowship of faith in
confessing His Word, we practice closed communion.
As the Scriptures teach, we receive in this sacrament both the bread and wine and the
true body and blood of Jesus Christ given and shed on His cross (I Cor. 10:16; 11:27). We are also
instructed: ?Let a person examine himself, then, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup” (I Cor.
Visitors to our congregation today who desire to receive the Lord’s Supper should speak with the pastor
before the service. To those joining in Holy Communion from a congregation of The Lutheran Church -
Missouri Synod, please fill out an attendance card that we may inform your congregation of your
communing with us.

COOKIES AFTER WORSHIP - come downstairs for new member fellowship with cookies, tea and
lemonade. Welcome Robert Barnes and Ashley Jorns as they become communicant members of St. Paul.
The youth group will also be downstairs to thank the congregation for their support and kindness during
the past year to make their summer youth conference trip possible. They have a few pictures to share of
their eventful trip!

Christ’s Suffering and Death Bring Division. . . The Lord Jesus causes fear and trembling and division
because His Word is “life fire ... and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces” (Jer. 23:29). His Law
puts us all to death, whereas only His Gospel can bring us to life. He has fulfilled that Word for us by His
cross and in His resurrection from the dead. He undergoes such a distressing baptism, accomplished by
His death, in order to open the way for us through our Holy Baptism into His cross and resurrection. So,
then, if we are able “to interpret the appearance of earth and sky” (Luke 12:56), let us mark this sign of His
cross - recognizing that this world is subject to death, but knowing that Christ Jesus also has conquered
death and obtained life everlasting for us. Let us fix our eyes on “Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our
faith,” and “run with endurance the race that is set before us” (Heb. 12:1-2).

WORDS FOR EVANGELIZING based on Luke 12:49-53 (54-56). . . It’s difficult to proclaim Jesus
Christ in this world that is so ready and willing to compromise the truth. In addition, we have a natural,
sinful tendency to be timid in sharing our faith. We may also fear being rejected by a friend or a neighbor
who is not currently a Christian, or who may disagree on the stand that Scripture clearly takes. In our
Gospel reading for today, Jesus clearly states that he did not come to bring peace but division - on purpose!
This does not mean that Jesus is not the great Prince of Peace, but it does mean that when a person is
confronted by Jesus, they have to take a stand for either the truth of God or the falsehood of the world.
There is no gray area. By the grace of God and with the gentleness of the Spirit, let’s do what we can to
help others take the stand on the truth that is the difference between life and death!

HEAD USHER: Gary McGuire
USHERS: Lee Van Slyke and Stephen Van Slyke Glen Honeman and Warren Briggeman

ALTAR COMMITTEE: Shelley Hullman Leigh Ann Hall Brittany Ford Donna Ewing


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THE LUTHERAN HOUR ... “An Open Mind for the Future” (Acts 17:18-32) Closing our minds to
spiritual fads and embracing the words of Jesus opens up a great future for all who believe. Guest speaker:
Rev. Dr. Dale A. Meyer.

ORPHAN GRAIN TRAIN in Wichita is in need of help to assist with folding and packaging donations
to be shipped where needed. OGT is pleased to announce that they will load two 28 foot trailers on August
24th and 25th with donations to be shipped to San Benito, Texas. In addition, there are likely enough
donations for another trailer, which need to be sorted, folded, and packaged. Volunteers are needed to
prepare these donations for shipment to needy people around the world. The warehouse at 911 W. Maple,
Wichita, is open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Arrangements can be made for
groups at other times. Betty Amey is our Volunteer coordinator. Please contact her at 316-444-0284. Jeff
Crane is our manager. You can reach him at 316-655-1854. Or contact volunteer Gus Wesche at 316-682-
8918. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

SAVE THE DATE - The annual Congregational Picnic for St. Paul will be held on Sunday, August 25th
at the gazebos in Sixth Street Park, beginning at 5:00 pm. Volunteers are needed to make Ice Cream for
the picnic. There is a sign-up sheet located at the south entry.

About the Cover: In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks of fire, strife, and division. We are
taken aback. These things are the results of a world immersed in sin, rebelling against His
Word of truth. However, He is not one to sit back high and dry. He has plunged Himself
into the depths of our sin. The baptism of which Jesus speaks in this reading is the
judgment that was poured out upon Him on the cross so that we have forgiveness and life
in His name.

OLD TESTAMENT READING – Jeremiah 23:16-29

EPISTLE – Hebrews 11:17-31; 12:1-3

HOLY GOSPEL – Luke 12:49-53